Lyrics For My Rest

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The lyrics for My Rest, a worship song that encapsulates what it means to rest in Jesus, “My soul finds rest in You my Jesus, my hiding place amid the storm.

Lyrics for My Rest

Words & music by Karen Lim. Copyright 2006 New Creation Church Singapore

My soul finds rest in You my Jesus 
My hiding place amid the storm
In pastures green You lead me down to lie
By waters still I shall abide
By waters still I shall abide

I shall not fear for times uncertain
I shall not look to my own strength
Into Your hands I place my hopes and plans
My trust is in the blood of the Lamb
My trust is in the blood of the Lamb

A crown of thorns pierced through Your temple
The blood that flowed took all my cares
What price You paid, what sacrifice You made
My life in Yours, Jesus my rest
My life in Yours, Jesus my rest

When I first heard Pastor Joseph Prince preached about rest, I thought I knew what he meant. I did understand it to a certain extent. I know I shall not strive by looking to my own strength. But that’s not all. If I don’t strive and look to myself, then what shall I do? The answer came from another sermon — All blessings is in the person of Jesus.

Look unto the person of Jesus Christ. That’s rest.

Lean on Jesus. Give everything worrisome and fretful to Him and go relax.

This may mean lying on a deck chair and sip a cool drink (my modern version of green pastures and still waters of Psalm 23). This may sound irreverent but isn’t it a sort of declaration of His power and might?

Or it may mean working diligently. I believe that Jesus CAN and WILL handle everything for me in order for me to truly relax and rest. That requires a leap of faith. But whenever I do that, I find that things do work out for my good in the end.

The substance of rest is Jesus Christ.

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