Lyrics for Only You | New Creation Worship Song

lyrics for only you

The lyrics for Only You focuses a worshipper’s gaze on Jesus alone. Only His love and sacrifice sets us free.

lyrics for only you

When life shouts at me and unnerves me, I must remember to focus my gaze and attention on Jesus alone. He alone is the Rock of my salvation. His embrace settles my soul and I can relax in His arms.

Sing this song to Him and tell Him how much you need Him. Everything in your life will be alright.

Lyrics for Only You

Copyright 2007 New Creation Church Singapore

Jesus, You have won me with Your love
Now my heart belongs to You
You are my Saviour, my King
With You I have everything
In my life there's only You

Only You
You died to set me free
Now I'm yours for all eternity

Only You
Can love me like You do
My desire, My life
Only You

Jesus when I look into Your eyes
I know everything will be alright
Here in Your embrace
I am humbled by Your grace
With my life I worship you