Lyrics for I See Grace |祢施恩的歌詞

Lyrics for I See Grace

This is the lyrics for I See Grace. A worship song by New Creation Worship. 这是新造会崇拜祢施恩的歌詞.

Lyrics for I See Grace

Words & Music by Karen Lim. Copyright 2006 New Creation Church

Jesus my help, I call on Your name
I cast my cares on You
Jesus my hope, my tower of strength
My faith is found in You

Bearer of sin, afflicted and tried
You paid redemption’s price
Bearing my curse, You’ve set me on high
Your death has brought me life

I see You pierced, wounded for me
When I look to the cross I see

I see grace, sealed by Your sacrifice
I see love reaching for me
Precious blood washes and sanctifies
Healing flows, setting me free
I see grace.


耶稣我主 我呼求祢名 將重擔交予祢
耶稣我主 我力量泉源 祢赐我信實無限

祢釘痕手 為我受傷 我仰望祢在十架上
負我罪愆 被審被鞭打 祢付重罪代價

祢受咒詛 竟高舉我 给我生命希望
祢釘痕手 為我受傷 我仰望祢在十架上

祢施恩 以犧牲作保障 祢的愛環繞著我
祢寶血 洗淨我的罪憂 治癒我 賜我自由

祢施恩 祢施恩 祢施恩
祢施恩 祢施恩 祢施恩

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