Lyrics for Always

This is the lyrics for Always.     I will live my every dayKnowing I’m forever savedBecause I have been justifiedWhen for me, Lord, You cameYou shed Your blood for all my sinsDied for me and rose again For You have set me freeTo lift my voice and sing Your praise, Lord I shout out loudMake a joyful soundFor everything that You’ve done for meLord, I give You praiseFor Your unending loveLet everything in me bless your nameAlways! words & music by Sean GohCopyright 2008 New Creation Church A sample of the song.See other songs in the album

Lyrics for Gospel Revolution

Lyrics for Gospel Revolution. I do believe that You came to save me You bore on the cross, all my sins, all my shame Now here I stand, redeemed by Your blood, made alive Forever found in Your arms I do believe that You came to save me You bore on the cross, all my sins, all my shame Now before You I stand, eternally saved, justified Nothing can take this grace away This is the love the world’s been waiting for The weight of the world, Lord, You gladly bore This is the gospel revolution You came, You gave Continue Reading

Lyrics for All I need

Lyrics for All I Need. You are my Lord I trust in You, I trust in You You are my King There is none like You, none like You When storms arise in life You are my hope I lift my song of praise For you are my strength All I need, all I need is You, is You All I need, all I need, is You. Here in Your arms I hide myself, I’m found in You You lift me up High above my fears, above my fears I stand on higher ground You are my Rock My sure Continue Reading

Lyrics of You Alone I Praise

Lyrics for You Alone I Praise, a worship song by New Creation Church Singapore This song shares the same name as the album it is in. Goes to show that this is the anchor song. May all of us experience the tender mercies of our God and really mean what we sing. My righteousness, my holiness Emmanuel, living in me Merciful King, to you I sing Matchless in worth You’re awesome in deeds You alone I praise The Lamb upon the throne You alone I praise And make Your glory known You alone I praise The keeper of my heart Continue Reading

Lyrics for Jehovah’s Blessings 耶和华祝福满满

Lyrics for 耶和华祝福满满 田中的白鹭鸶 无欠缺什么 山顶的百合花 春天现香气 总是全能的上帝每日赏赐真福气 使地上发芽结实现出爱疼的根据 耶和华祝福满满 亲像海边土沙 恩典慈爱直到万世代 我要举手敬拜他 出欢喜的歌声 赞美称颂他名永不息 I will attempt a rough translation of the lyrics: The white egret in the field have no lack The lilies on the mountaintop emit its fragrance during springtime The Almighty God send true blessings everyday Making the earth fruitful, evidence of His love Jehovah’s blessings overflows, like sands on the beach His mercy and love endures forever I raise my hands to worship Him, singing joyful songs Praising His name eternally Words 李信仪 & music 游智婷 Copyright 1997 Stream of Praise Music 看称义专辑里其他的歌曲

Lyrics for You Are My Strength 您是我力量

Lyrics for 您是我力量 Mandarin version 您是我力量 无瑕的羔羊 您引导我走义路 牵我手行过幽谷 赐恩的耶稣 赐平安和福 我要终生投靠您 因为您是我的主 我唱圣哉 圣哉 圣哉主 从今到永远您是配得 荣耀 尊贵 权柄的主 我唱荣耀 荣耀 荣耀主 我瞻仰您的荣美 在您圣所求问 主您甚美 主您甚美丽 Hokkien version 您是我力量 圣洁的羔羊 您引导我走义路 牵我手走过幽谷 赐恩的耶稣 赐平安和福 我要一生投靠您 因为您是我的主 我唱圣哉 圣哉 圣哉主 从今到永远您是配得 荣耀 尊贵 权柄的主 我唱荣耀 荣耀 荣耀主 我张扬您的荣美 在您圣所求问 美丽的主 主您真美丽 Words & music: Karen Lim Copyright 2007 New Creation Church Singapore 看称义专辑里其他的歌曲

Lyrics for So Grateful

If you are like me, have low blood pressure and waking up in the morning is a major chore, then you will appreciate this song So Grateful. It has a quick tempo, a catchy tune and great lyrics. A song to enjoy and perk up the morning. Listen to and buy the song Lyrics for So Grateful You came for me to die for meYou died for me, for me to live, JesusYou came for me to give to meMore than a life, a life more abundantly I’m living this lifeYou’ve given to meAbundant life, You’ve given meI’m living the Continue Reading

Lyrics for All Glory And All Praise

Lyrics for All Glory and All Praise by New Creation Church You’ve shown me Your unending mercies Amazing love astounds me As I behold Your face My Saviour Crowned with grace and splendour Enthroned in praise forever I exalt Your name Jesus, I worship You my King I give You all the honour Unto You be all glory and all praise I magnify Your Name Exalt You my Redeemer Unto You be all glory and all praise Words & music by Karen Lim Copyright 2006 New Creation Church Singapore Listen to and buy the song See other songs in the Continue Reading

Lyrics for Shout Your Praise

Lyrics for Shout Your Praise Greater than this world that saysThat I’m not worth much todayIs Your blood that washes my sins away Stronger than the words of doubtAnd the voices from withoutIs Your word declaring You’ve lifted me up So I, believeAnd I, put my faith in You Jesus, all my worth is found in YouLord I reign in this life‘Cos You have bought me with the highest priceNow In Your righteousness, Lord I will standTo shout Your praiseLord, I shout Your praise Words & Music: Sean Goh, Daniel AngCopyright 2007 New Creation Church A sample of the song.See Continue Reading

Lyrics for Because Of Your Love

Lyrics for Because of Your Love. Words & music: Sean Goh & Alwin Tan. Copyright 2008 New Creation Church, Singapore. Someone once asked me whether God would still have sent Jesus to Earth if there is only one human on Earth. A rhetorical question but one that stopped me in my track and to really think about the reason of God’s act of salvation. As the lyrics of Because of Your Love said, “You [Jesus] walked redemption’s road, carried the weight of my shame. You offered Your all for me because of Your love”. The answer is YES! He would Continue Reading

Lyrics for I Stand In Worship

Lyrics for I Stand In Worship. In Your hands are the depths of the earth And the heights of the heaven’s above I worship and bow down Kneel before You, my Lord and Maker In Your hand is the breath of my soul In Your love I stand righteous and bold To honour You, my King Glorify You, my Redeemer With open arms I stand in worship Feel Your love’s embrace In reverence I enthrone You Jesus Lifter of my head With gratefulness I stand before You Faithful, loving King I rest in hope for You are my portion With Continue Reading

Lyrics for Your Lovingkindness Is Better Than Life 因您慈爱比生命更好

Lyrics for 因您慈爱比生命更好 Mandarin version 因您慈爱比生命更好 我要颂赞您 耶稣 我要我要奉您圣名 举手欢庆 在您圣所中仰慕 渴求 因为您曾帮助我 我要在您翅膀的荫下欢呼 我的心紧紧跟随您 您是我坚强的磐石 Hokkien version 因您慈爱比生命更好 我要赞美您 耶稣 我要奉您圣名 举手敬拜 在您圣所中仰慕 渴求 因为您曾帮助我 我要在您翅膀的荫下欢呼 我的心紧紧跟随您 您是我坚强的磐石 Rough English translation: Your lovingkindness is better than life I want to praise You Jesus I want to raise my hands and worship Your holy name In Your holy name, I exalt and yearn Because You have helped me I want to shout for joy in the shadow of Your wings My heart follows You You are my solid rock Words & music: Karen Lim Copyright 2007 New Creation Church Singapore Continue Reading

Lyrics for You’re My Life

Lyrics for You’re My Life I believe in what the gospel says Jesus, You came for me You died to set me free As Your rose from death in victory At the cross of Calvary You proved Your love for me I behold the scars that You bore This love I can’t ignore Is mine forevermore As You rose from death in victory At the Cross of Calvary You proved You love for me For love You came, I believe, I believe it’s true You took my shame Now I live in You, You, You, You, You Oh woah oh! Continue Reading

Lyrics for Unending Love 无限的爱

This song is sang in Hokkien which is why if you try to read the lyrics in mandarin, it is going to sound a little weird. But it is a very simple worship song of the Lord’s presence in our lives. 主 您是我的生命 风雨同心一起走 梦中有您跟我来作伴 脚步有您的引导 感谢您对我的爱 给我机会对头来 天顶白云伴我跑天涯 天使永远跟我同在 我要大声唱给人知 耶和华有无限的爱 世间的人全来敬拜 耶和华是完全的爱 Words & music: 林和成 看称义专辑里其他的歌曲

Lyrics for Your Blood

It is only after sitting under Joseph Prince’s ministry that I realized how Jesus’ blood is important for my salvation. Listen to and buy the song Lyrics for Your Blood Your blood Has cleansed me from all my sins Taken me into Your presence In You I find my rest And now I dwell in Your secret place Forever I’m young in Your glory Beneath Your mighty wings Lord I thank You For Your sacrifice Yes Lord I thank You You’re the giver of my life O Lord I praise You I honour You Lord I love You My exceeding Continue Reading

Lyrics for Heir Of The World

I’m heir of the world because Jesus is the heir of the world. In this world of more than 6 billion people, I sometimes feel very small and insignificant. It is therapeutic to know that God loves me. I am the apple of his eye. Listen to and buy the song Lyrics for Heir of the World Jesus I come In Your precious name Washed by Your blood Forgiven of sin Jesus I rest In Your finished work Grace I’ve received Not worked for, unearned I’m held in Your arms Kissed by Your love Your favour on me descends As Continue Reading

Lyrics for You Deserve All Praise

You Deserve All Praise is a wonderful praise song. Jesus deserves all praise and if we do not praise, the rocks will cry out instead. That’s how compelling his goodness is. 🙂 Listen to and buy the song Great and mighty, awesome are YouRighteous and true, You’re our praiseGlorious Jesus, Ancient of DaysCreation applauds Your grace Holy, holy angels they singNations will crown You as KingSongs of victory, come let us raiseOr rocks will cry out instead We give thanks to YouSay that You are goodYour mercy knows no endWe shout out Your praiseTo the end of daysYour love endures Continue Reading