Miracle seed and lasting fragrance for Jesus

Last week, Pastor Prince revealed that this sunday 22 August is going to be Miracle Seed Sunday.

Miracle Seed Sunday is an annual sowing event that our church started when we decided to embark on the One-North building project.

It was fundraising for the church but it was sowing for me. I am trusting Father God to grow the seeds I sown into a jaw-dropping harvest for me.

My first Miracle Seed Sunday was in 2008 and it was a very exciting day. I gave a one-time sum that I considered small but was all I could muster because I didn’t have a lot of cash. Although it wasn’t much, I remembered feeling a buzz all over my body when the congregration prayed together with our envelopes held up.

A month after that, I was told that I can stop the monthly mortgage that I was making for an investment that I made a couple of years back. The investment is entering the exit stage and I would be getting my money back. As a thanksgiving for the good news, I decided to redirect the mortgage amount to the One-North project.

Father God was good and kind in the first year. I was amazed at the accumulated amount that I was able to sow in 2008. And even more amazed at the harvest I received. The profit from the investment was around 15% per annum and I was invested for around 9 years.

In 2009, I gave only 10% of the 2008 amount. Before I had time to feel bad about it, I realized why. I bought a home at a good price. Harvest time wasn’t over yet. 🙂 The Lord knew I needed the cash to pay for the legal, transactional and renovation fees.

This year, I looked at my bank account contemplating the amount to sow this time round. I am preparing to give the same amount I gave for the entire of 2008 at one go. It is the largest amount I have ever given.

I couldn’t have been able to give this much if I couldn’t see that this is not merely a gift to God but a seed sown. This is the principle that Pastor Prince has always taught us, that if we rely on our own efforts, or focus on our actions to be good, we will never succeed. But when we focus on Father God’s goodness, then we will succeed. God will take that seed and do great things with it and reward us exceedingly for our gift.

Pastor Prince also called this the FRAGRANCE offered to the Lord Jesus and that it would last forever. AMEN to that.

It is good to be part of God’s household. To be hidden in Jesus where all things are made through Him and made for Him.