Moving by Grace in the Holy Spirit’s gifts

Moving By Grace In The Holy Spirit’s Gifts – that’s the title of the 2 sermons for the last 2 weeks (12 and 19 June 2011) at New Creation Church. It wasn’t live preaching by Pastor Prince but a recording of a single session he delivered at the recent Servers’ Camp in Malaysia from 6 to 9 June 2011.

When I first heard that Pastor Prince taught at the Servers’ Camp I felt disappointed that I couldn’t go. The disappointment was aggravated when I heard that Pastor Prince attended the Servers’ Camp because he saw a vision about the leaders and servers in the church. I felt that I missed out on what God has for me as a server.

I was glad when I heard that the session was going to be broadcasted so that the rest of us who didn’t go for camp could receive the message. However, the feeling that I have missed the timing nagged at me.

This was dismissed by the Holy Spirit when I heard the broadcast because I realized that I had received the same message from God even though I didn’t attend Camp. He had sent me the message, in a way that I could comprehend, at my level which is why, at first glance, I didn’t realized that it is the same message.

I am not sure when the questioning started, perhaps at the beginning of this year. I had been asking myself how I can “improve” my time with the Lord. I realized that my prayers have been mostly about my needs and requests and it is getting formulaic. How often had I just simply enjoy the Lord’s presence? Sadly, not often enough. But how should I go about changing this? In the end, near the beginning of June, I decided that I need to simplify this by taking my “brain/mind” out of the picture. How? By praying in the Spirit.

I started praying in tongues when I woke up and in the shower. I prayed in the car while driving to work. I prayed in tongues under my breath when I caught myself idling in a queue. There is no pressure. As long as I remember, I pray in tongues. When I did something or say something I shouldn’t, I pray in tongues believing that God still love me and hear me. I don’t know what I am praying but I don’t care. I trust the Holy Spirit to pray on my behalf. I believe this is how I am activating and engaging the Holy Spirit that is indwelling me. By taking my brain out of the equation, I am taking out the part that I’m proud of. And because I am proud of my intellect, it becomes a stumbling block to my enjoyment of Abba God’s presence.

How is this the same as Pastor Prince’s message at Camp?

The key passage of the session is 1 Corinthians 12 which is about the Gifts of the Holy Spirits. He said more than once that the gifts are of the Holy Spirit (charismata Grace’s gifts) and they will flow when we are in the Spirit.

Abba God has already given the gifts by Grace and the way to get them moving or activate them is through the Spirit. Like a boat that needs water, a gift of the Holy Spirit needs the Spirit. What better way than to pray in tongues?

When I realized what God has done for me, I am humbled and honoured that He remembered me.

Here is a short video excerpt of Pastor Prince’s preaching at Servers’ Camp.

This sermon note is based on my thoughts and understanding of what was preached. It doesn’t represent the opinion and stand of New Creation Church, Singapore.