My Third Grade Chinese Language 小学三年级

72 / 100

I always tell my friends that my Chinese language stayed in third grade Chinese. In short, not good.

For my exchange to Wu Han University in April, I spent nearly a month translating my slides from English to Mandarin. It was tough.

A secondary school friend commented that my Chinese handwriting is still ugly. I was quite disappointed because I thought it was quite good.

Well, maybe I can’t write. But I can still read, speak and understand Mandarin.

Just the other night, I recited a few Tang poems from memory. I still remember learning them in Secondary One. At the time, I did not understand why I have to learn these poems. Now, I am quite proud I know them and can still recite them.

I receive an English education and I use English at work almost exclusively. But I still prefer to read the Chinese newspapers, listen to Mandarin songs.

Well, I am still Chinese and Mandarin is my mother tongue.




前天晚上还念了几首唐诗给姐姐听呢。还记得那是中学一年级的时候学的。当时不懂老师的心意还以为在刁难我们。 现在为了还能背几首唐诗而沾沾自喜。虽然受的是英文教育,现在工作也以英文为主,但还是比较喜欢读中文报,比较喜欢听华语歌。

chinese language

毕竟是华人吧。 毕竟是母语吧。

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