My Knitting Story

This is my knitting story; how I become entangled in yarn.

The first pair of knitting needles I encountered in my life belongs to my sister. She studied in a convent girls’ school and was expected to know how to be a lady which included knitting. To say she has no talent is an understatement. To cut the long story short, she wanted nothing to do with the needles after that year and so I inherited it.

Learning to Knit

I picked up knitting on my own through reading and deciphering abbreviations and diagrams in knitting books (No Internet nor Youtube then). My sources are mostly public libraries and bookstores. The thing was, and I found out only later, that there are different traditions in knitting. Living in Singapore, a crossroad between East and West meant that I have access to both Eastern and Western knitting instructions. I was exposed early on to the Japanese tradition and they tend to use a lot of charts and symbols. The Chinese instruction takes after the Japanese. The Western traditions are no better. Nomenclatures differ and this caused me great confusion for a quite a while.

Knitting Fail!

I finally had enough money to go to my local yarn store to buy enough yarn to make a blouse. I still remember the yarn – cotton and orange. I knitted a blouse for my mum using a Japanese pattern with a lacy front. My finishing wasn’t very good, I admit. My mum said she looked fat in it and so it got relegated to the bottom of a cupboard together with the knitting needles.


In the interim years, I tried out other types of crafts like sewing, crocheting and cross-stitching. My knitting mojo came back years later when I stumbled upon and met some really passionate and knowledgeable people in my vicinity as well as overseas. They introduced me to great yarns, nice needles and beautiful projects. Now, I knit more often and even design a few items.

Yarn Galore
Yarn Galore

Some of my projects can be seen at my Pinterest and Ravelry profiles. Follow Phoebe’s board I made this on Pinterest.

Some ramblings about my knitting activities can also be found here. I make a lot of mistakes when I knit so I find myself frogging more than knitting. 😛

However, I like to think up of bags to knit. Here are some of my free knitting patterns. I am glad some people find them interesting enough to try knitting one or two for themselves.

Yours, Phoebe