Obesity Worries Lift Health Food Prospects In Asia

Reuters filed this story “Obesity worries lift health food prospects in Asia” on Wed Jul 8, 2009.

It reported that the prospects of the health food business is picking up in Asia due to a rise in affluence and economic success and that “affluence and sedentary lifestyles have brought health problems such as obesity and diabetes to Asia

It contained a quote from a Ms Anderson of Asia food and drink head for the London-based market forecasting firm Business Monitor:

“It [packaged health food] hasn’t caught on as quickly in the developing world. People traditionally have healthier diets anyway. The need to pay for packaged health foods isn’t there. The region is lagging the rest of the world in that regard”

I find this statement rather disturbing. It comes entirely from the business perspective. LAGGING behind the rest of the world in that regard?!!

We should be toasting the developing world for NOT needing packaged health foods because their traditional diets are healthier. It is worrisome that globalization and economic growth meant widespread public health issues like increase in obesity and diabetes and people are so busy that they can’t return to their traditional healthier diets and have to turn to quick fixes in the form of packaged health food.

Ms Anderson also said that the lagging behind “is completely turning around“, and that she “expected to see steady growth in this high-priced food sector toward the end of 2010 or in early 2011 as the regional economy improves“.

Is this considered good news or bad news?!

I believe the big food corporations are treating this as a great business opportunity to pad their coffers.

To me, this is bad news. People are so busy earning a living that they don’t have time to live and eat properly. Should be re-termed as earning a dying.

So utterly warped!!

Asians, take care of your health!!