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On Forgetfulness

On Forgetfulness.

On Forgetfulness.

I left my mailbox keys in the mailbox. Fortunately, a neighbour saw it and returned it to me. I didn’t even realise that I have left it hanging there.

Keys in the mailbox

I am known to be forgetful; losing my keys, wallet, cards and more.

This reminds me of my secondary school teacher. She once told me (after I forgot to bring my textbook to class) that it is worse to forget than to intentionally not bring the textbook.

I didn’t understand what she meant at the time. I thought she was being difficult. How can an unintentional act be worse than an intentional one?

Now, years later, I think I know what she meant.

If I forget something, this something must mean very little to me. It WAS “not important” enough to get me to think about or plan ahead for it. If her class meant more to me, I would have prepared my textbooks and packed my school bag the night before. I forget because it is not important to me.

So, my teacher was right. It was worse for a student think that her lesson was unimportant than for a student who purposely not bring the textbook.

At first, I felt guilty.

But later I realized that there will always be things that are less important to me. It is not possible to treat everything as important. It would be very tiring for me. I am just a human being after all.

However, leaving keys in the mailbox bearing my apartment number is important. I should not forget that. 😛

Wisdom is found in memory; happiness on forgetfulness

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