Lemon Juice + Jesus

The morning light streamed in from the window. I opened my eyes, rolled over and stared at the ceiling. The week has not gone well. Work has been difficult. I am not looking forward to the work day. I whispered a complaint to the Lord,…

Research in librarianship: issues to consider

Koufogiannakis, D., & Crumley, E. (2006). Research in librarianship: Issues to consider. Library hi tech, 24(3), 324-340. https://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/10.1108/07378830610692109

The cross

Lyrics for So You Would Come 等你和應的歌词

Lyrics for So You Would Come. 等你和應的歌词。Jesus came because He was the only acceptable sacrifice. One for all. Once and for all. It was not murder, Jesus came knowing that He will die for us.

tree planted by streams of water

Psalm 1 Personalized Prayer

Psalm 1 describes the blessed man. I heard that we can personalize bible verses during prayer. So, here goes.