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Pandan Reservoir – A Lovely Piece of Nature in the Industrialized West

Pandan Reservoir is located in the western region of Singapore. It is a service reservoir formed by damming the mouth of the Sungei Pandan river.

Pandan Reservoir is located in the western region of Singapore. It is a service reservoir formed by damming the mouth of the Sungei Pandan river.

Pandan reservoir
Image caption: Interesting photographic treatment of the Pandan Reservoir

It is a service reservoir providing non-potable water to the industrial areas nearby. So instead of being managed by NParks like the rest of the reservoirs in Singapore, it is maintained by the Public Utilities Board of Singapore.

The Singapore Rowing Association and Easter Rowing Club boathouse are located at the reservoir along Jalan Buroh.

It is not all industrial and boathouses, one side of the reservoir is the residential town of Pandan Garden and Teban Garden.

For residents living near the reservoir, they can see the reservoir with its clear blue sky but unfortunately, there are several chimneys spewing fire and smoke in the background. Not exactly a pretty sight…. but definitely different!

But you will be surprised by the range of animals that can be discovered there.

Egrets would fly past and occasionally even swoop down for a quick dip in the reservoir. I think they are thirsty 🙂 You can also occasionally spot them resting on the rocks surrounding the water.

Fishes and turtles can be found in the waters.

The best part of this reservoir is that you can walk down on the rocks to the water edge (carefully tho), and watch the fishes bobbing up and down. You can touch the water if you want to. Not many reservoirs allow such close contact with nature here. I am quite sure there is some ardent angler who would attempt to catch the fishes.

Jogging, Brisk Walking and Strolling at the Pandan Reservoir

Pandan Reservoir may be an unassuming place but many can be seen jogging, brisk walking and strolling there during dusk.

You can either park at any one of the flats along the reservoir, or alight at the bus stop in front of Block 31 Teban Gardens. Cross the one-lane road, walk up a small flight of steps and there you have it – the reservoir right in front of you.

With the reservoir in front of you, turn left and start brisk walking as warm up. Once you walked past the block of flats along West Coast road, you arrive at a quiet stretch where there is a storage and launching pad for canoes. There are sometimes canoe teams practising, and I would also jog on the spot during my warm-up to watch if there are people training.

After that, you jogged past the factories that line the other side of the reservoir. Go round the bend and its really quite a soothing and easy run. I like going the full round, and slowing down as I make the last bend returning to the West Coast stretch, and enjoy cooling down by strolling near the water edge and observing the changing hues of the evening clouds.

Once, when I was on one of my jogs, a Chinese guy came up to me and asked if I was training for a marathon or competition as I seemed to be training so hard. I said “no”, and he was puzzled as he thought it was odd to be running so hard just for fun!

Hahahaa… I know, it’s hard to explain to non-runners. The adrenaline rush, and what some call the “runner’s high” can be addictive! I just luv it !

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