Picture of Butterfly

Picture of Butterfly

This little butterfly was perched so gracefully on a little yellow flower going about its own business when a group of “mad people”, with all types of cameras, snapped away at it.

I was at the Singapore Botanical Gardens with a group of friends. We went there to learn about taking macro pictures of flowers and insects. The Botanic Gardens is a great place to take pictures. Of nature, of plants and flowers, and of course, insects.

It must have been amusing to the other visitors at the Gardens when they saw this bunch of people, cameras in hands, crouching in front of bushes aiming here and there.

I didn’t dare to go too close to the little butterfly for fear of scaring it away. It would have been better if I went closer but I thought the photo turned out pretty well for a novice like me.

I also took pictures of a wasp attacking a little caterpillar. A bit too much violence to pose.