Splash out at Bedok Reservoir

Well, though not exactly the Big Splash, Bedok Reservoir has its unique charms and offers ample space for the joggers and the more adventurous types. Bedok Reservoir Source: gaurav I like this place because I can finish one full round of the reservoir comfortably, maybe 45 minutes or even 30 minutes if I run fast, and take in the greenery along the way! Sometimes I can even catch fleeting birds and the occasional fish bobbing out of the waters while catching my breath. And the area is not too densely populated yet – with a new condominium development coming up Continue Reading

Jogging at Punggol Field

What do you do if you are hit by the running bug and there isn’t a sports complex or running tracks nearby? Well, I found out that one can make do with very little. You can start jogging around residential blocks or along the roads but I discovered a “tiny” little secret in nearby Punggol – an empty field tucked away not too far from Punggol Plaza (Kou Fu food court). So what’s so special about a plain old concrete walkway with an empty field in the middle? Well, for one, there are like-minded people jogging, brisk walking or strolling Continue Reading