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Jogging at Punggol Field

Punggol Field is a little empty field with plain concrete walkway not far from Punggol Plaza. What is so interesting about it?

Punggol Field is a little empty field with plain concrete walkway not far from Punggol Plaza. What is so interesting about it?

Jogging at Punggol Field 1
Joggers at Punggol Field Walk.  Source: Myna Bird Production

What do you do if you are hit by the running bug and there is no sports complex or running tracks nearby?

Well, I found out that one can make do with very little. You can start jogging around residential blocks or along the roads.

Fortunately, I discovered a “tiny” little secret in nearby Punggol – an empty field tucked away not too far from Punggol Plaza (Kou Fu food court).

So what’s so special about a plain old concrete walkway with an empty field in the middle?

Well, for one, there are like-minded people jogging, brisk walking or strolling there. Sometimes even with their cute pets 🙂

So I can jog and people-watch – not as boring as the treadmill.

But what I enjoy most is the spaciousness of the area, with the clear blue sky above, and if you are there in the evenings, you can watch the clouds changing hues; turning a beautiful orange right before your eyes.

I breathe and feel better being outdoors, and observing nature at work makes me so happy!

The place also offers non-joggers a place to enjoy other activities, including kite flying, model car racing and even model planes enthusiasts. Oh, did I mention soccer teams as well?

It’s amazing! How a small empty field can become a centrepiece for a community’s activities. A little piece of heaven for residents. And it’s all free!

My jogging route at Punggol Field

Now getting down to the fitness part:

First,a brisk walk from Sengkang across TPE to Punggol and by the time I arrive at the field, I’ve already had a nice warm up.

And I start jogging and would do about 6 to 8 rounds. Starting slow and then picking up speed as my body starts getting used to the exertion.

Jogging to music

By listening to my favourite songs on my iPod, I can time how long I take to complete each round. For eg. if the song is about 4 minutes long, and it finished at the same spot I started, I know I took about 4 minutes. And so I gauge how fast or slow I am running based on the songs played. This helps to keep me motivated too.

For me, I know I am in the zone when my movements feel fluid – a sort of flow and it becomes amazingly easy and soothing to run.

One thing to note: concrete walkways are not the best track for the knees. Unlike cushy running tracks. So one trick is to be aware of your gait and try not to pound your feet – just let your feet land gently on the ground with each step.

Lastly, walking back home is a great way to cool down. Watching the bright headlights zooming past on the expressway can be quite mesmerising in the dark.

Jogging at Punggol Field 2
The Tampines Expressway (TPE) from Sengkang East Ave bridge Source: Myna Bird Production

My body feels tired, but my mind is clear, and my heart is light. The best feeling in the world after a good workout.

Ahhh…it’s gonna be a good night’s rest 🙂

2019 Update

Punggol New Town has changed so much since this post. The Punggol Waterway Park is now open, offering a superior alternative for outdoor joggers.

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