Research in librarianship: issues to consider

Koufogiannakis, D., & Crumley, E. (2006). Research in librarianship: Issues to consider. Library hi tech24(3), 324-340.

This journal article is a general review of the research base in librarianship. Its conclusion is based on a compilation and an analysis of existing research in librarianship.

It concluded that librarianship does not have a solid evidence base. That there are several areas that receive more research attention than others. Areas with greater research activities include:

  1. Information storage/retrieval
  2. Collecion development
  3. Library Services

The gaps are:

  1. Library Theory
  2. Library history
  3. LIS Education
  4. Information seeking
  5. LIS analysis
  6. Methodology
  7. The profession
  8. Publishing
  9. Scientific and professional communication

The paper then goes on to document various reasons why librarians are not conducting research.

Research in librarianship is an important issue and a survey of existing research literature to see where we stand is a good project to undertake.

Unfortunately, this article wasn’t one of the easiest reading I have come across. The conclusion was fairly clear and straightforward. It should be easy to articulate the findings.

Indeed, more work should be done on scientific and professional communication skills. 😛