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Which Shout Your Praise Lyrics Are You Looking For?

Find 2 Shout Your Praise lyrics, both songs give us the reasons to shout and praise Abba God.

Find 2 Shout Your Praise lyrics, both songs give us the reasons to shout and praise Abba God.

Praise bursts out from an overflow of our hearts. A heart full of love. A life full of grace. Greater is Jesus’ blood. Stronger is God’s word.

See or listen to how this overflow is expressed in 2 different praise songs. One by New Creation Worship in Singapore, and the other by Acts Church (in Malaysia?)

Shout Your Praise Lyrics (New Creation Worship)

Words & Music: Sean Goh, Daniel Ang. Copyright 2007 New Creation Church

Greater than this world that says
That I'm not worth much today
Is Your blood that washes my sins away

Stronger than the words of doubt
And the voices from without
Is Your word declaring You've lifted me up

So I, I believe
And I, I put my faith in You

Jesus, all my worth is found in You
Lord I reign in this life
'Cos You have bought me with the highest price

Within Your righteousness, Lord I will stand
To shout Your praise
Lord, I shout Your praise

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Shout Your Praise Lyrics (Acts Church)

Lyrics by: Justin Ooi, Jayvine Ramma & Timothy Lee. Music by: Revo Band © Acts Church 2016

Verse 1: 
My heart is full of love for You Lord 
All my life I want to serve Your great Name 
In Your grace I find my hope, endless joy 
When I’m down on my knees, or jumping for joy I’ll sing

We shout Your praise 
With all we’ve got 
Giving all to You 
We shout Your praise 
Everlasting God 
Living all for You our King  

Verse 2: 
Happiness is what I find in You 
All my sorrows and my pain removed 
In Your Name I carry out great exploits 
In the joy of the Lord, my strength is renewed I’ll sing 

In Your love, 
by Your grace 
I am free 

Shine Your light, 
through my life 
I am free

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