I Sing Hosanna | A New Creation Church Worship Album


I Sing Hosanna is a worship album produced by New Creation Church, Singapore in 2010. There are 13 songs in the album. My favourites are The Highest Praise, Until the End, You’re My Glory and Unmerited Favour.

Sing Hosanna
Album cover for I Sing Hosanna

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When God the Father saw us at our worst, He loved us with His best. He sent Jesus. Not just to heal the sick and cast out demons, but also to take our place of absolute condemnation on the cross.

It was never the nails that held Him there. It was love. We were on His mind.

As you listen to the songs in this album, let the joy of the Lord flood your heart knowing that Love Himself came down to set us free and redemption’s song is now ours to sing!

Sing “Hosanna”

Hosanna is a word of Hebrew origin. It is made up of 2 words: yasha and na. It means “Save now, I pray“.

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Track Listing

1. Every Day of My Life

2. The Highest Praise

3. Freely Forgiven

4. Your Saving Grace

5. Until The End

6. Grace Unrelenting

7. Love’s Sacrifice

8. I Sing Hosanna

9. You’re My Glory

10. Here

11. Restful Increase

12. Unmerited Favour

13. Beyond