Singapore East Coast Park – Fun Things to Do at Affordable Prices

Fun Things to do at East Coast Park

BBQ away!

During weekends, you will be hard pressed to find any available pits, but no worries, you can BYOP! (bring your own pit). Look out for signboards indicating sites you can bring your own BBQ equipment and not be left out.

Every time I walked past a group BBQ, the lure of the aroma of BBQ chicken wings and sausages is so hard to resist. Feel like party-crashing sometimes, or pretend to be a friend of a friend maybe…

BLADE over!

Watch out for those speed monsters on their rollerblades whizzing past! Well, they are just showing off their skills to the chagrin of those still struggling to get on their feet in those hard to control rollerblades and people who prefer to jog or walk.

I have tried rollerblading several years ago, and the result is a broken lip and bruised ego … heeheee. I told you, I am just not good at anything that requires “balancing” – whether biking, rollerblading etc

I feel the most secure running on my own two feet! Maybe someone can explain this to me – is this some sort of genetic make-up/defects ?? Thus, I can only watch these blade monsters from afar in envy.

BIKE smart!
If you really can’t get a hang of those rollerblades, then consider renting a bike. I love the tandem bike due to the “balancing” issue, then riding becomes effortless and a breeze, just make sure you find a strong partner, not a lazy one!

And you can talk as you are riding, which makes the ride more interesting and a great way to bond (or romance for the love-birds while giving the guy an opportunity to show off his prowess on the bike)

After all these strenous physical exertions, time for re-fuelling!

Try the UDMC Seafood village which is quite popular among tourists and local foodies as it offers a wide array of restaurants serving up local seafood delicacies like Pepper or Chilli Crabs! The competition is stiff so be prepared for restaurants staff to try to “tout” for business as you stroll along the beach-front stretch. It’s quite an experience watching the sun set over the sea as you savour local delights.