Am I a patriotic Singaporean?

National Day is drawing near. The local radio stations saw it fit to start a ritual of broadcasting the “famous” National Day songs, like a countdown to the actual day. This morning, over the radio, I found out that the most popular National Day song, in a recent vote, is Stand up for Singapore. My God! I hate that song. As the song started to play over the radio, I saw myself in my school uniform, standing in line with the rest of the school singing this song in the school auditorium. Not out of patriotism or of my own Continue Reading

Singapore Postal Codes – revealing the meaning behind the codes

What’s in a number? You may ask. Well, the Singapore postal codes – a 6–digit string of numeral is the backbone of efficient postal delivery by the Singapore Post. For those of you wondering, Singapore postal codes started off life as humble 2 digits. Over the years, it has evolved to keep pace with the growing urban society, helping to enhance mail processing and delivery by the Singapore Post. Its development is in tandem with the growth and expansion of the city. Evolution of the Singapore Postal Codes Singapore postal codes were initially 2-digit codes that denoted the 28 postal Continue Reading

How is the Singapore Weather?

Maybe the “how’s the Singapore weather” question should be re-phrased to… how HOT is it in Singapore? Some have said there are only 3 seasons in Singapore, hot, hotter and hottest! It’s not an overstatement to say that it is summer all year round here. And it is not just hot, it is also humid. Singapore is very close to the equator and the humidity is often above 90%. At its peak, it can really sap your energy and make you irritable. It can be unbearable sometimes. But quick relief is at hand… just duck into any of the air-conditioned Continue Reading

Singapore flag, Flag of Singapore

The Singapore flag consists of two equal horizontal sections, red above white. In the upper left section is a white crescent moon and 5 white stars forming a circle. I used to stare up at the flag of Singapore flapping on a flag pole for most of my school days during the school assembly. We sang the national anthem and recite the pledge. It’s the daily rite of passage every school-going child in Singapore goes through. But I didn’t really know much about it. Since I am writing about it, I gotta find out. Its Meaning Each feature of the Continue Reading