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My TBN Israel Tour in 2012

My TBN Israel Tour 2012 reflections.

The TBN Israel Tour 2012 was organized by the Trinity Broadcasting Network and there were three live preaching events by Joseph Prince during the tour.

Here’s a promotional video of the tour.

It’s about Jesus , it’s not about anybody else

It was my first package tour in a very long time. I am more of a free and easy traveller and dreaded the strict itinerary of a package tour. But I was drawn to the idea of seeing and listening to Joseph Prince preach in the Holy Land. To experience Jesus in the Holy Land.

The tour itself, as expected, was too rushed. Our tour guide was warm but spoke very fast. I was glad we had a very knowledgeable bus leader. He filled in a lot of details that were of spiritual significance for some of the locations we visited.

Joseph Prince preached his heart out for Jesus in three separate locations. And at each location, there were precious moments.

1. God’s Love Unveiled On Mount Moriah (Haas Promenade)

The Haas Promenade is one of three promenades overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. They are collectively known as the Armon Hanatziv Promenade. Haas Promenade is the oldest, completed in 1987.

It is located on high grounds and offers a panoramic view of the old city of Jerusalem. We arrived early and had time to take photos of the wonderful scenery. I am not a great photographer and all I could come up with is this photo:

TBN Israel
Jerusalem from Haas Promenade

The place was full of tan-coloured Jerusalem stone and rows of cypress and olive trees. It was a hot morning and we were all seeking for seats under shade. I’m not very successful though.

My TBN Israel Tour in 2012 1
A view of the stage as we start to find seats

2. Jesus—The True Ark Of The Covenant (Southern Steps)

My TBN Israel Tour in 2012 2
By Oren Rozen – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The Southern Steps are at the southern edge of the Western Wall. Pilgrims ascend these steps to enter the Temple. After climbing up the steps, they then go through the two sets of Huldah Gates at the top of the steps. These are now sealed with stones but the arches can still be seen.

Huldah gates

Rabbis also like to teach their students at this broad 200-foot wide flight of steps, which is why they were also called the “Teaching Steps”. It is believed that Christ taught on these very steps in front of the gates.

The steps are actually quite wide and form a natural theatre. I can see why it is good place to preach.

There weren’t any seats left when we arrived for the second preaching event. We walked all the way up to the top of the Southern Steps along the wall. All along the railings, there were already people. It was hard to find a good viewing place.

A few American ladies who were standing against a railing decided to make room for us by moving their belongings a little. We stood together there singing and worshipping Jesus. Sisters from across the globe worshipping together. Awesome! They even got all excited when we pointed out Pastor Mathews as the high priest they saw in some of the broadcasts when he walked by.

3. Grace Revolution – From Where It All Began (Caesarea Maritima)

Caesarea Maritima (“by the Sea”) is located along the coastline of Israel. Somewhere between Haifa and Tel-Aviv. Today it is a large national park.

In the ancient Roman Empire, it is the capital of the province of Judea. It played an important role in the history of Ancient Israel.

My TBN Israel Tour in 2012 3
By Gilad Topaz – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

I know from reading the Book of Acts that Paul was imprisoned here. He also preached his last sermon here. I just didn’t know that there was a huge amphitheatre there. If you sit right at the top row, you can see the ocean.

The stage for the final live event was set up right in front of the theatre back facing the ocean. As the place filled up with people, excitement rose.

My TBN Israel Tour in 2012 4

At the beginning of the service, Dr Paul Crouch, the founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network spoke about how the Network started and gave thanks to God for his divine provision every time the ministry had a need.

My TBN Israel Tour in 2012 5

There was a touching moment where Dr Paul Crouch prayed over his son Matt Crouch and handed over the baton to him. Joseph Prince said that it reminded him of Moses passing the leadership to lead the people of Israel into the Promised Land to Joshua. Dr Paul died shortly after this event.

The event at Caesarea Maritima can be viewed in full on Youtube thanks to TBN.

The video is quite long, the sermon starts at around 1:41:00 hr.

This last event at Caesarea by the Sea was the most important to me. I was reminded again that Jesus is the sacrificial lamb and My Righteousness. I was so blessed.

The full MP3 sermons are available in a sermon series entitled Live In Israel—A TBN Special at

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