The 3-Hour Diet – Eat to Lose Weight. Does it really work?

I was very intrigued by the title of a book by Jorge Cruise – who just like many Americans who wrote such fitness and weight-loss manuals, used to be over-weight but has now come to possess a much envied well-sculpted body after discovering this secret method of weight-loss.

So what’s the intriguing title you may ask? Well, it’s called The 3-hour Diet with the tempting sub-headline promising that you can “Lose up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks by Eating Every 3 Hours!”. You Eat to Lose Weight by following some simple rules. But before we delve into the diet, let me explain a little bit more…

Book - 3 Hour Diet
Book – 3 Hour Diet

Why was it intriguing?

Because I am the sort of person who is always eating! I eat almost every 2 to 3 hours. Honest, I have had 5 to 6 meals each day since I was a child.

My family grew up eating all the time, there is always food in the house. My grandmother, who by the way ,is a nonya and a fantastic cook, has a well-stocked kitchen and never failed to make mouth-watering dishes, snacks, kuehs, day in and day out. She is the sort of matriarch of the kitchen, and her joy is delighting us especially the grandchildren with her culinary creations. You can imagine how well and how much I ate as a child.

So my routine as a child was to have a huge breakfast consisting of bread and 2 half boiled eggs before going to school ; then there is break time where I would usually snack on a curry puff or bun or noodle. Lunch is usually taken at home unless I have extra-curriculum activities and needed to stay in school til late afternoon. Then my mother would packed me noodles or rice for lunch.

When I reach home, I would have lunch and do my homework. And tea time is a must. My grandmother would make me a hot drink and we would have some biscuits or tasty snacks together. I do remember taking after afternoon naps with her when I was in kindergarten. Sweet memories, I had a really wonderful childhood.

But I think I was too busy with homework in primary school to take a siesta with granny. Too bad.

Then it’s dinner. And if my dad comes home late, he would pack supper. Naturally, I would also join in. I love those late nights’ goodies!

I am, surprisingly not fat – nor overweight. But I am not at my ideal weight yet (note ideal weight is subjective as I am definitely at a healthy weight now.)

But as I move into adulthood and starting working, I realized that most people only have 3 meals a day, and these meals are sometimes 4-5 hours apart! I couldn’t get used to it as I would be craving for something after 2 or 3 hours. My friends used to say I have a high metabolic rate, and I do not deny that. It could very well be so, but my body tells me I am hungry after a couple of hours.

I am quite embarrassed by my dietary habits actually as I am always on the lookout for food. It makes me feel like a glutton, although I am not fat, but you know… it can get a bit annoying especially during a busy day and you simply can’t find the time to grab a bite.

I usually try to buy a bun (chicken pau or something meaty) to satisfy my hunger pangs. And of course , you cannot do without a good cuppa!

So since I am already sold on this 5-6 meals a day routine anyway, I thought I should give this method a try … and see how it goes. And this is non restrictive, especially if I do not have to cut out caffeine which is my only vice (besides a penchant for anything made of dark chocolate…). You are even encouraged to have treats and snacks! This plan is right up my alley.

So why wait? I will summarise the 3-Hour Diet in the next post and update on the status of my experiment – so you don’t have to 🙂