The 3-Hour Diet – How Much Should I Eat?

Book - 3 Hour Diet

How Much Should I Eat?

Well, Jorge Cruise employs a 3-Day Diet Plate Visualization Technique in his book The 3-Hour Diet.

Book - 3 Hour Diet
Book – 3 Hour Diet

He suggests starting with a 9-inch dinner plate. Then visualize having half potion of vegetables, the other half about equally divided into carbohydrate (another visualization trick is to think of it as a rubric cube) and protein (a deck of cards) and one cap of fat.

A simple breakdown of the meals:

The main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner = 400 calories (sub total of 1200 calories)
Snack = 100 calories (morning/afternoon snack with a subtotal of 200 calories)
Treat = 50 calories (3 hours after dinner or together with dinner)
Total calories intake is 1450

Customise for Asians and Our Palate

Jorge suggests that for those who are shorter in statue (ie 5’3) and weigh less than 150 pounds, (which I think generally refers to most Asian girls like me right?), calorie intake should be lower. The total caloric intake should be 1,250 instead of 1,450.

This can be done by cutting the calories of breakfast into half – ie 200 calories instead of 400 (I think that is manageable for me as my breakfast is usually lighter than my lunch and dinner due to lack of time!)

Simple right?

But watch out, over the weekend, I usually overload on those deep fried and greasy stuff like dough-sticks, fried carrot cake and char kway teow … I just tend to over-indulge!

And as usual, the book only covers mainly Western fare. I have noticed that there are very few books out there that give a guideline for the Asian palate. So how much calories does a Kopitiam breakfast set carry? Or chicken rice and char kway teow? As we are aware, much of our favourite dishes are exactly loaded with vegetables and fibres either.

For me, it’s really a guesstimate which has worked for me so far. I love the economic rice stall as that means I order 2 portions of any vegetables that I fancy, and one portion of meat! So it fits nicely with the dinner plate visualization that Jorge talks about.

If I feel like having a bowl of laksa or prawn noodles, then I miss out on the vegetables portion right? I would add 1 portion of fruits or down a cup of vegetable juice like celery with green apples.

Or if I have time, I would buy the pre-washed salads from the supermarket and make my own salad dressing. That includes olive oil, balsamic vinegar, with a little bit of wasabi paste. Mix everything up and drizzle over the greens. It’s actually not too bad hahahaa. I would also add some almond nuts and dried apricots. These dried foods can be bought at Fairprice Supermarket under the Origins brand. These are from organic sources. And they taste yummy!