The 3-Hour Diet – So is this another one of those FAD diets?


It may very well be, but this book seemed to COLLABORATE what my body has been telling me all along!

It actually says that you should be eating every 3 hours, and this will Boost your metabolic rate, Stop hunger, and start Losing Weight just by eating every 3 hours. But best of all, at least for me, it will start with losing your BELLY FAT first!

Now that is something most women can only dream of, where the lower body (waist, hips, tummy) tend to be the problem areas for us girls. You know… those annoying love handles…

Well, that’s what the author promise.

What I also like about the book is that Jorge Cruise set up a comparison table against most of the other Fad diets such as South Beach, Cabbage Soup (now, haven’t we all heard of this….) Hollywood 48-hour Miracle, Blood Type Diet (that is something my sister has been keen on so maybe she can tell me more about it), Grapefruit , Raw Food and even a Peanut Butter/Ice Cream diet! Wow, I have not heard of that…

He gives a breakdown of what’s banned, and why the diet is dangerous. Oh by the way, he is an opponent of the now familiar low-carbohydrate diet that was also once a huge craze. He listed many reasons why low-carb diets actually make one FAT. You can read more about this in his book “The 3-Hour Diet”.

SO, the conclusion is that his 3-hour diet is the best alternative as you can have almost every food you desire and is easy to sustain. It does not deprive your body of the foods you like.

But if you boil it down, it’s simply having a BALANCED meal (hello, that is taught in school, remember the food pyramid?) So you are supposed to have carbohydrates, proteins and lots and lots of vegetables, and a little bit of fat.

The author uses an interesting visualization method to help us remember the different food groups and how much one is supposed to have at one sitting.

I have to say, it is quite useful visualization technique and I even found myself looking at the rice (ie carbohydrate) on my plate and wondering if its the size of a rubic cube!

More on the visualization later…


Among the benefits, it is supposed to up your basal metabolic rate, and increase your energy levels as blood sugar in your body is kept stable, which incidentally translates to fewer cravings and hence a natural way to suppress appetite. Got it?

But what really got me excited was the final benefit … Reducing the belly-bulging hormone Cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is closely related to abdominal fat. Jorge cited a study in The New England Journal of Medicine that showed how eating every 3 hours in fact helped to reduce the levels of cortisol in humans.

The study found that individuals who ate frequent, small meals actually reduced their cortisol levels by 17 % compared to those who took 3 large meals (even though both groups consumed the same amount of food).

Now isn’t that something to feed on? More in later posts…