The 3-Hour Diet – How do I begin? Follow the 3 Simple Rules

After getting a grasp of why eating every 3 hours works to help me lose weight (see previous post “Why 3 Hours“, I am revving to start. And Jorge’s book promised that it’s going to be simple, actually there are only 3, Yes, 3 rules to follow. So let’s see if it’s really that “simple” …

The rules are actually quite simple … It’s simple but I already stumbled at the first one:)

1. Eat Breakfast within 1 hour of rising – Never skip breakfast!

See, whatever you have heard about breakfast being the most important meal of the day is TRUE! Never skip breakfast … Now, how many of us have broken this cardinal rule before?

According to his book , the reason for this is breakfast helps kickstart your metabolism into high gear after sleeping for 6 to 8 hours. Your body needs to be woken up. If you don’t have a proper breakfast within the time limit, your body will end up protecting body fat and cannibalizing muscles.

Now, let me see… breakfast is something I usually skip, BRUNCH is the preferred meal…

I would have a cup of coffee if I am in a hurry… but I guess that’s not counted. I hate cold cereals with milk in the morning. I want something nice and toasty; so it’s the kopitiam breakfast set (2 slices of toast, 2 soft boiled eggs – yummy) but that would already bust the 1-hour time line. I mean by the time I get ready and arrive at the office. Yes, my body is starving by then, I can really feel it.

But no fear, Jorge actually endorsed McDonald’s egg muffin set and Jack in the Box breakfast Jack (which I do not have here, so MacDonald it is then). But he modified by adding 1 glass of milk and medium piece of fruit or berries.

So what can I do about this? This is my first hurdle … I am still working on it. Some ideas I have include stocking up on wholemeal breads, quick snacks, fruits that are easy to eat like apples and bananas. Plus, I think soya bean milk is a great option as it’s cheap and easy on the throat in the morning.

2. Eat every 3 hours

I think this part is relatively easy, unless of course you are stuck in meetings all day long, or presentation and so on. So how do you work around it? Well, some planning goes a long way. Some people actually pack yogurt, nuts if they know they will be stuck somewhere when the 3 hour comes around. So, they just excused themselves (toilet or something) and have a quick snack.

Jorge explained that it can be flexible but not more than 30 minutes should pass before the next meal. And even if you do fail on a few occasions, the important thing is to pick yourself up and continue with the program. Don’t just give up.

Like this morning, I didn’t manage to have my breakfast within 1 hour of waking up, actually it was about 2-3 hours after, which is the common case for me. But I managed to keep to lunch and snack and the rest of the 3-Hour schedule for the day.

3. Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime

On the 3-Hour Diet plan, you are supposed to stop eating 3 hours before bedtime, so let’s say if your bedtime is 12 midnight, then your last bite should be by 9PM.

Oprah Winfrey once shared in her program that she adheres strictly to one rule of dieting: She stops eating once it’s 7.30PM. She advocates not eating after that as she believes that the body can’t use up all those extra calories from late night snackings.

Now, how many of us can even reach home by 7.30PM, or have dinner by then? So it’s a tall order on many counts. But I think it was Bob Greene, her fitness guru friend, added that it’s okay as long as you stop eating 3 hours before bedtime

But Oprah was not convinced. She feels that what most people would do is eat late and make themselves feel better later by promising to sleep LATER to meet the 3 hour criteria!

Hahaa.. I must say I agree with her. She is a wise woman who understands human nature very well indeed 🙂 If you were craving for a late night snack, how would you rationalize it? I would probably say, hey I can sleep later tonight… and that means I can still snack. So she is a strong advocate of a strict CUT-OFF time, so NO cheating!

Next up, WHAT TO EAT?