The Transformed Library: E-books, Expertise, and Evolution [Review]

The Transformed Library by Jeannette Woodward

The Transformed Library by Jeannette WoodwardThe Transformed Library: E-Books, Expertise, and Evolution by Jeannette Woodward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Review:

It is a sobering read about the future of libraries, especially the section on academic libraries and how university administrators’ view us. And how most of our efforts to create and articulate value fell short because we are missing the point.

She made observations about initiatives and projects libraries embarked on and how there are more misses than hits. Her observation about how social media engagement in libraries is done without true commitment rings true in my own library.

She isn’t gloomy about the future of libraries and librarians. She challenged the profession to think clearer about the outcomes we want and to connect better with our users and community.

Finally, the subject matter of the transformed library seems grave but I find her easy to read.

It is a book that I will return to. Quite happy that the NTU Libraries has it. 🙂 [Find one near you or buy one]

Table of Contents

  1. Gutenberg Meets Kindle: The arrival of digital books
  2. Libraries vs E-publishers: The library’s point of view
  3. The age of high anxiety: threats that fuel library nightmares
  4. The Library in cyberspace
  5. Will the coffee shop save us?: The Library as place
  6. Library Careers that won’t go away
  7. Survival strategies for Public Libraries
  8. Survival strategies for Academic Libraries
  9. Survival strategies for School Libraries
  10. Conclusion

About the author:

Jeannette Woodward is a principal of Wind River Library and Nonprofit Consulting. After a career in academic library administration in an academic library followed by a public library system. She authored several books: A librarian’s guide to an uncertain job market (2011), Countdown to a New Library (2010), Creating the Customer-driven academic library (2008) and others.

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