Unmerited Favour Lyrics and Chords 不配的恩寵歌词 新造敬拜


Find the Unmerited Favour lyrics and chords here. It’s liberating to know that “It’s got nothing to do with what I did but it’s all about what You’ve done for me.”

unmerited favour
Measures of love

What does unmerited favor mean?


Many people seem offended by unmerited favour. They think it is unfair. How can you expect God to favour you for no reason? Who are you?


Who am I?

The basis of my confidence is not based on myself or my worthiness. It is based on Jesus’ perfect work on the Cross. He is the fulfilment of the Law.

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

Matthew 5:17

He has redeemed me from the curses of disobedience as recounted in Deuteronomy 28:15-68. I am redeemed. I can receive His blessings and favour…unmerited. It does not mean I can now live lawlessly. It means I do not have to fulfil the law in order for God to bless me.

Does God want to bless?

Do not treat God like an ATM machine, I am told. If He want to bless, He will. His will is sovereign. We should not demand blessings.

I agree. God is not my ATM machine.

But I believe that God’s sovereign will is to bless us. He has already blessed me with the greatest gift in the world, Jesus Christ. I think God want me to ask Him for my heart’s desires. Communicate with Him, like a doting parent would want His child to.

Now, if what I ask is not good for me, I trust He won’t give it to me. Instead of becoming disappointed, I trust that the Lord know best and move on. But I won’t be afraid to ask.

Lyrics for Unmerited Favour | New Creation Worship Song

Words & music by Sean Goh ©2010 New Creation Church, Singapore

I am standing under an open heaven
Drenched by endless
Showers of grace
I'm surrounded
By love and tender mercies
As You freely gave so
Freely I've received

Now I've got every reason to rejoice
Your unmerited favour is on my life
It's got nothing to do with what I did
But it's all about

What You've done for me
And because of the cross
It's plain to see
I'm irrevocably saved, now I am free
And I'll rejoice
In everything You've done
In everything You've done

No more striving
'Cos I have been forgiven
Made forever righteous and whole
I'm secure in
This hope that is unwavering
And my future's bright
'Cos Your Word is my light

Looking for the Unmerited Favour chords? You can find it here: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/new-creation-church/unmerited-favor-chords-1096200

I recently found the Chinese version. It was translated by 恩寵教會 in Taipei.


中文翻譯 恩寵教會 台北

恩典甘霖   澆灌不息
慈愛圍繞   祢憐憫永不止息


我歡呼   祢已成就一切 

不再勞苦   因我已經蒙救贖
永遠稱義   已得醫治
是我確據   這盼望堅定我心
祢話語照亮   我前頭的道路


我歡呼   祢已成就一切

This worship song is inspired by Pastor Joseph Prince’s teachings.