Upper Seletar Reservoir In The Mist

Seletar Reservoir
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I drove past Upper Seletar Reservoir one evening after work. The rain had just stopped and a light mist hovers over the surface of the water.

Image credit: digitalpimp at Flickr

It’s a scene I’ve only seen in movies.

I stopped the car at the tiny car park next to the reservoir and walked down a flight of stairs to the water edge. It was eerie yet strangely peaceful and inviting.

I discovered that I am not the only one there. People were fishing.

Some were quietly adjusting their lines and others replenishing the baits. Do they know each other? If they do, they are not talking to each other. Maybe they didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere with mindless chatter.

What an idyllic way to spend a cool wet evening.

I took the opportunity to mentally unburden some of the stress I picked up at work. I wished I had a camera to freeze the feelings and thoughts I had with an image of that misty place.

Information about Upper Seletar Reservoir

Built in 1920, the Seletar reservoir was officially opened by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra in 1969. It was renamed to Upper Seletar Reservoir in 1992.

Today, the Upper Seletar Reservoir, together with the MacRitchie Reservoir, the Lower Peirce Reservoir, and the Upper Peirce Reservoir, bound the nature reserves.

The park is teeming with flora and fauna. Visitors can trek or run along the park’s many trails or climb the iconic rocket-shaped tower and check out the panoramic views of the waters and adjacent greenery.

Someone took a video of the route I took on that misty day.

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