little nonya

Little Nonya Theme Song: 如燕

Near the end of 2008, Singapore Channel 8 broadcasted The Little Nonya (小娘惹), a period drama about the Peranakans and its theme song 如燕.

Poster for Suspect X

The Devotion of Suspect X 容疑者Xの献身

The Devotion of Suspect X proves that a good story can spawn a series of creative products crossing media and languages. In this case, a book in different languages (at least in Japanese, English and Mandarin), a television show in Japanese, movies in Japanese and Mandarin.

今生注定 A Chinese Love Song

今生注定 is a mandarin song that was very popular in 1994. It was a duet by the pretty 王馨平 and macho 高明骏. They were the perfect duo for this song.

Scene of MV of I Love You by Position

I Love You by Position – A Trip Down Memory Lane

I stumbled upon a Korean music video “I Love You” by Position on Youtube. It is in Korean but the tune is very familiar. I have heard it somewhere. It turned out that the song was originally in Japanese but has been covered by many…

Garter Stitch Square - RS and WS views

Knitting Instructions for Beginners

Clear knitting instructions for beginners are so important. I know because I learn to knit on my own. A beginner must first understand some knitting terms that are going to appear in any knitting pattern or instructions.